Friday, April 30, 2010


I've been waiting for this beauty since I asked for it for Christmas. After the disappointment of receiving one in the mail that was my mother's name and not mine (apparently, the people making it got confused with the order) and waiting FOUR months (!!) this bad boy was waiting for me on my grandparents dinning room table upon my Edmonton arrival. Oh, how I love coming home.

Also, as a side note... there is something about the name "Judith" that's not as endearing on a gold swirly necklace - sorry mum, but thanks for the late Christmas present!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

One Million Ideas

So for the past few nights I havent been able to sleep. Blame it on the book I was reading (Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger - lady who wrote Time Travellers Wife) or because my head is just brimming with ideas of things I want to create.
I must begin with saying I have never considered myself to be overly "creative" in a visual sense. Sure, I went to an Arts school but I definitely felt more comfortable with myself on a stage than on the other side of a piece of paper. My gran was an artist and I was always surrounded by the "arty type" (read:crazy buddhist hippie artists) so I felt very comfortable around these sorts of people but I never considered myself one of them. Im not sure when all this changed (be aware I still can't draw or paint to save my life) but I have managed to find other outlets - obviously jewelry however lately I have discovered a real desire to be create things I can't afford to buy. I know people say creativity is born of necessity and perhaps that's exactly how this all began for me. Anyway, to get to the point, here is a copy of the things I want to create. right. now.

Miranda, Do This;

Tie Dye Tie Dye Tie Dye

Now, let me elaborate on this. This is not your camp YoWoChAs tie dye (I know you know what I'm talking about Edmonton) This is not a garish display of bright dyes melding into each other with the result of a brown disgusting mess that you would never be caught actually wearing ( Monika; may I remind you of the buckets and wife beaters on your parents deck circa grade 10-11? Still have mine FYI)
What I am picturing is more of a sombre ombre (yeah thats right I semi rhymed) in the family of non colours I am really into as of late - think greys, taupes, blacks, dark purples and teals. Maybe a meander through some pastels in the sea foam green or lilac if Im feeling really crazy. I have found some sites that tell me how to do the ancient Japanese technique of Shibori (which is essentially sewing patterns and tucks into a piece of fabric and then submersing it in dye, rinsing and then removing the threads)
Point being I have some white leggings that are far from flattering (tight white on legs and ass? What was I thinking!) Well, if there is a fashion God she must of had some reason why I kept the damn ugly things. Then these catch my eye on a blog....

Shabd leggings via Beklina

I really liked the idea behind them but feel two things A) $210 for dyed leggings is ridiculous. Are they made from the silk of a 98 yr old silk worm? What gives people? and B) They are perhaps a little more bright than I will realistically wear in all seriousness. This ol' broad is getting up there and needs to look not like a child after all. I must say I like the white backed ones the most and perhaps with much practise I can get myself to that point.... and then charge $220 for them. Ha! For mine I'm seeing more of a dark pattern, a little more "marbling" and less camp happy. Thoughts, Feelings?

Ok, there is more where this came from - but I think if I ram too much into one post I will have nothing left to write about later. right? right! I also fear I may be in danger of spending too much time thinking about things, I wont have enough time to actually do said things. So perhaps now I will actually shower and get on with it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

This Ones For You, Amber.

After much persuading from a few friends I have (reluctantly) started yet another blog. This one is more to do with fashion, my wild ideas, and some of my favourite finds. I will think of it like a "Hello and What Are You Wearing" conversation I would of had with my ladies that have all since moved away.

Also, I realised that almost any day I have something on my person that is from my gran, Audrey - so hence the name "pieces from audrey".

I hope I get a hang of the self timer on my camera soon.