Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

....TIBI Show... continued

So I left you with a rare thing, a verbal diarrhea of my thoughts - more words than I have ever typed on this here blog. Sorry about that. It probably wont happen again... or perhaps it will? I'm trying to find a way to like blogging- I'm playing with the idea of honesty & not being a boring "check out my outfit" kinda blogger. It wasn't really me. If you know me, you'd know taking myself seriously is not something I do very easily. Therefore, standing around looking smug in heels is a hard thing for me. 

Anyway, onward. Right. Fashion Week. Well, I eventually went to 2 shows. The first being TIBI, which was a dream. It was at Lincoln Center (I'm not Americanizing, it's just how they spell it, OK?!) on a runway, a shiny shiny runway. It was legit. It was exciting. It was lucky we are friends with Natalie, the TIBI representative & she likes us enough to get us tickets. Sweet.  

WHAT DID I WEAR, you ask? 

dress:Vintage Altered/ shoes: Steve Madden Cork Platforms

Well, a badass crazy dress of course!  I saw this guy in a great vintage shop in Phoenix last winter. When I found it was the floor length trippy fabric that called to me. It had gold woven through the pattern of turquoise, blue & yellow. It didnt just call to me, it fucking screamed at me.  I tried it on & automatically knew the woman who wore it before me. If you've ever seen the movie "The Party" from the 1960's you know who I am talking about. The rich lady who host's dinner parties and wanders around looking fabulous in floor length jazzy fabric.  I loved the pattern & fabric, but hated the lack of skin showing (full length sleeves & floor length?!) it was like a shroud of psychedelic polyester covering my entire short body. After 2 trips to the tailor & 1 near disastrous altering (way too short, my ass was literally hanging out) it finally went from a cool dress, to a dream dress. Hell, it was so good even a photographer took a picture of me outside of the show.  As seen on Marieclaire  - picture 47

I look really angry, despite how cute my dress is. I told you I have a hard time with these sort of pictures.  In fact, I believe the photographer's caption was "print, with attitude". Christ. Embarrassing. Also, I'd say this is not my most flattering angle, oh well... LOOK MA, IM FAMOUS!

Shall we get to what you really care about, THE TIBI SHOW

It was styled by Kling, one of my fav. bloggers of the moment. Love her paired down style.  Show was perfect - most memorable being the amazing box pleating on the palazzo pants - just wait till next Spring. It was dope. Trust. 

I'll leave you with this little tid bit from "The Party" (it was a little bit racist, as were most things back in the 60's - sorry)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

You're Welcome

This song was introduced to me a few weeks ago from my friend Jeremy. I think I have single handedly given it 1000 hits to the view count. The video is so mesmerizing and to top it off the song itself is fantastic with some great lyrics.