Friday, May 21, 2010

yup, Im the worst.

So, I know I have been the worst blogger on the planet. Listen, I understand how you are feeling right now... frustrated, annoyed, betrayed. Nothing makes me angrier than having a blog that I love with a blogger than never posts anything. I hate it! It totally ruins my morning coffee!

Well, anyway. Im sorry. My camera broke, they say it will take 6-8 weeks to fix and I dont know what the hell to do in the meantime. My jewelry blog has been littered with poor quality, pixilated photo booth photo's that make me feel self conscious and that frankly will not do!

Regardless of no camera, I will try, try, try, to keep things somewhat interesting. Let me tell you I have some great ideas brewing in this head of mine and I hope to find someway of making them onto this page.

In the meantime... check out this perfectly perfect little slice of heaven at this blog (one of my favourites) Studded Hearts. This photo shoot makes me intensely happy and long for a few hot days and a big ol' body of water! Also, I'm sure it helps that it reminds me of my favourite old timer photographer, David Hamilton. I have a lot of David's photos on my computer so I will post them all on here to tide us all over until the sun starts burning up all of our pale, Albertan skins.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Down By The River

Weekends in Edmonton are some of my favourite. My hungover Sunday was made much better by a visit from my cousin, Samantha. Sam's always down for an impromptu walk down at the dog park with my girl, Stella.... she also makes a great photographer!

me: Studded Ankle Leggings-Target, White Tee- Purr Kensington, Cardigan- Nordstrom Rack, Leather Jacket - Vintage, Crocheted Toque - Pretty Knotty Sweatshoppe. Heart Sunnies - Found! Jewels - Millicent Designs
sam: Denim Jacket - Mine, Vintage Judith, Tunique - Joe Fresh, Sunnies- Rayban - Vintage Deborah.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

more 70's for hippie heart

Is it wrong that I love this? I mean, it's obvious I would love anything Mary-Kate is wearing, but still... Bell bottoms! gah! I Love Bell Bottoms! I wore them with pride in Jr High. I had a pair of teal corduroy "Hang Ten" bells that had yellow feet stitched on the bum. I thought they were the coolest pants around and managed to wear them until the cord rubbed off to a patchy sea of green and holes. My friend, Carolyn, and I found two pairs of these cord bell bottoms in the bottom of a giant cardboard box at a garage sale. It was like winning the lottery.

Last fall I had a flash back to said pants and realized this is exactly what I needed. They must be high waisted (because that's my trick to looking put together - just tuck it! Tada! A Tee shirt and jeans doesn't look so homeless anymore!) I started wandering around stores in Calgary trying to find any of these high waisted, flared numbers. This was not an easy feat, in a world filled with skinnies, crops, paper bags, and straight legs. Sale girls scoffed at me, rolled there eyes saying, "No, we have none of those here". I began to long for the days of Stitches with the racks brimming with light washed Silver jeans. However, the real clincher is said jeans can't just be plain old denim, they must be butter soft, washed out, REAL vintage looking worn in numbers. They must be the colour of summer lakes with sun rays bouncing off the surface. They must be perfectly perfect. They must exist somewhere! THEY MUST! I'm sending out a call signal, an S.O.S for the perfect bell bottom.

7 for all Mankind has this option. I'm not sure if it's because the model has no shirt on - but these look cheesy. Not quite right. Dont worry folks, Im determined. I won't give up, they will be mine.