Monday, August 30, 2010

Make Love, Not War.





Bell bottoms: Citizens of Humanity, Trends Consignment. Tank: F21. Jacket: Army Surplus, West Edmonton Mall. Belt: Nokomis. Scarf: Piece From Audrey. Shoes: Vialis, Gravity Pope. Copper Necklace: Millicent. Rings: Various Vintage and New. Metal Cuff: Holistic Store, Kensington.

Went to a bbq at a friends house this weekend. I think I started channeling some army protesting hippie while I was getting ready. I found these amazing high waisted bells a while ago, but the weather had been too hot to wear them. As everyone in Alberta can atest, this is no longer the case. It's cold! Really cold! Seeing my breath cold! Im not happy about it, but at least that means I can start making room in my closet for all my fall layers.

Also, had some weird impulse to dye my hair. Went to the Safeway and picked up some Semi Perm in Hazelnut and tada my Gemini heart is ful filled! I have 28 washes until my next impulse hits. Sweet.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Coco, Off The Market!

This is apparently what it looks like to be a super model turned bride.... just a lil' wedding.... in a castle.... in France... to a famous British Interior Designer. No biggie. Yeah, a Zac Posen Mermaid Wedding Dress... whatever...

Also, could this "movie" make a wedding anymore epic? The music?! I guess when you're used a camera in your face daily it's NBD to have one on you your whole wedding. Whoa.

p.s - favorite moments.... Mum in a mini top hat! ... and swirling Coco in a stairwell!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The disfunctional relationship of love/hate

"I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fashion blogger cliches–namely because when a lot of people meet me in real life they are 1. underwhelmed by what I’m wearing 2. shocked I can’t name drop ‘cool’ designers 3. more shocked that I don’t care. I like fashion. I like it a lot. I think it’s an incredible creative outlet and admire those people who can effortlessly do it season after season. That being said, I’ve never had this crazy desire (that I do for science or people) to learn about it. I think paying excessive sums of money for clothes is crazy (i was ogling things on net-a-porter the other day: $2000 dollars for dress pants?!?). I think being a snob about clothing is even more crazy. I think this is why I have a love-hate relationship with fashion. I LOVE beautiful clothes and shoes, but I hate this exclusive culture that surrounds fashion. Like really? Over something so frivolous?"

As quoted by fellow Canadian, Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit . Get out of my head, and into my car gurrrrl!

I warned you

Danger! Danger! Im going to jump start the economy!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Arsenal

Left to right: China Glaze: Recycle, OPI : You Dont Know Jacques!, OPI: Barefoot In Barcelona, OPI: Manicurist Of
Seville, OPI: Hey Vito, Is My Car Red-y?

Last year when I was in Arizona visiting my grandparents, I made my annual pilgrimage to downtown Phoenix to visit my fabulous friend, Alyson. Whenever we are together we have the greatest time and I wonder how we are ever able to survive a full year without each other. This past winter when I came by for my visit I quickly realized the wonder that is OPI nail polish, specifically, "Over The Taupe". I saw Alyson a number of times over my visit and every time I made her tote her Nail polish with her for constant touch ups. I was in love.

Since getting home from that trip I have scoured beauty shops top to bottom for my shade of choice... all to no avail. I was able to find one similar, "You Dont Know Jacques!" that is now a staple in my world. I suppose everyone has a beauty secret to feeling like a million bucks, mine just happens to be the wonder of OPI nail polish!
Thanks so much to my lovely Alyson for introducing me to these loyal friends. Never before have I thought much about putting any time into my rather menial beauty routine, but let me tell you there is nothing like a good painted nail to make you feel put together! Hey, just dont forget your top coat!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elvis' Bench


Crop Top: Dace, Nokomis. Jeans: Domino, Nokomis. Platforms: Michael Kors, Thrift. Belt: Vintage. Jewelry: Assorted Vintage and new. Beaded Cuff: Kiosk, West Edmonton Mall. Sunnies: Oscar DeLaRenta, TJ Maxx, Phoenix.

These were taken yesterday out at the park across from our house when I got home from work. This bench had some good light on it, so it seemed like a good place to sit. Later, I realized it had a plaque on it dedicating the bench to a man named Elvis, which obviously made it way cooler. Just me and Elvis sitting in a park together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

some things

get-attachment-1aspx copy
The new fur.

I'm not sure if this is a real tattoo, but either way I approve.

dark and smokey

A real piece from Audrey. My favorite painting Audrey made, which is now hanging in my living room. Nothing makes me feel more at home than this.

Sorry pals! I just got home from 4 days in Edmonton, where I hung out with my grandparents for the weekend. On Friday we went to the new(ish) Alberta Art Gallery and cultured ourselves. My grandfather had a hard time grasping the Contemporary Art galleries that were being shown this month. There was a lot of "what the hell is that?" and "is this just trash someone left here, or is this actually art?" and don't even get me started on the installation pieces.... needless to say I had to do a lot of shushing and muted giggling. Don't you just love grandparents?!

Anyway, besides the gallery I finally got to go to my favorite bead store and stocked up on a huge bag of new supplies. I am excited for the creating that I plan on doing this week. I love new things, but then again who doesnt. Millicent fall/winter 2010, big things are happening! Excited!

Speaking of art, inspiring things and creating...I thought today's post would be a few images that are inspiring me these days. I have a flooding over inspiration folder on my computer, but these are my fav photo's I've procured lately.

Also, sorry I dont remember where all the images came from - it's been a while since I acquired a few of them - but they still resonate so well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Perfect Fall

This, to me, is the perfect fall inspiration.

That collar makes me feel warm and cozy, which helps me (temporarily) forget how cold and miserable I will actually be.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunny Days

DSC_0044 copy

DSC_0029 copy

DSC_0040 copy


Black tube dress: American Apparel. Crochet Vest: Vintage Audrey. Gold Snake Belt: Vintage Thrift. Sunnies: Purr Kensington, Bag: Vintage Thrift. Shoes: Gravity Pope. Ring: Vintage Edmonton Antique Mall. Bracelets: Various Vintage and Millicent. Necklace: Millicent

They seem to happen a lot less these days. I can't help but get all nostalgic for the days of my childhood when every summer day seemed hotter than the last. I would spend my days lounging around my cottage in a bathing suit running laps from the neighbors cottage, into the lake to cool off and back to my cabin for food.

Yesterday provided a scorcher here in Calgary. I, of course, wore nothing but black and was becoming delirious with the heat. R and I headed down to the river after work to have a little "man float". By the time we got down there, bathing suits in tow, it was 8 pm and I was quickly turned into a buffet for a hoard of mosquito's. Needless to say only R ended up floating on his back in the river while I watched and took photos of him screaming as the water was so cold. No regrets on my end, that's for sure.

Too bad today is 14 and feels like fall is quickly approaching. Let's hope for a hot September.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lovin' Loony

I dont spend much time focusing on any of my other, non-fashion related loves on this blog. Mostly because, let's be honest, you come here to read about fashion and trends and whatever else you find interesting about my seemingly not interesting life. Anyway, I digress. Today, I focus on my other love, home design. I find the two worlds to be incredibly complimentary as interior design really mimics trends in colours, textures and patterns in fashion. The melding of the worlds is not a new thing, but seems to be catching on as the internet continues to penetrate all facets of our everyday lives. I have seen many fashion bloggers asked to reveal photos of their home fashion as well as their personal one. Now, dont get excited - Im not going to start snapping pictures of my 600 square foot hellish rental apartment for the sake of contributing, but I will point you to a great magasine that focuses on my two loves in a very direct way - Im talking Loony Magasine and I am talking may-ja inspiration for both my outfits and pattern matching (slash tasteful clashing) and how-to guides to achieve the feeling of runway Fall collections in your home. How can you not loves it?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Copper Black and Green

Black Tank: Eve Gravel, Nokomis. Long Blazer: DKNY, Value Village. Moto Pants: Zara, Heels: Steve Madden, DSW Phoenix. Jewelry: Assorted vintage and crystal necklace from Nokomis
Just taking a walk around Mission before we headed to a movie. Im wearing my new Zara pants that were a total steal at $ 9.99 (!!) Im thinking they are to become my new obsession... Im wearing them again right now, in fact! Please excuse the crazy make up in this post - Laura and I were brainstorming photoshoot ideas earlier in the day and there was much discussion on the colour Copper and super pigmented make up. I had to go home and try it out for myself to get a good visual of the palates I want to work with for the shoot. It's a little crazy for the day, but it was actually really fun to do, especially for a girl like me who wears nothing more than some eyeliner, mascara and blush on a daily basis.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Let's just deviate from all things folky and earthy and take a moment to feast our eyes on this perfection... am I right, or am I right?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Photo Diary

I have been on hiatus, trying to regain some sleep from a weekend of hot sun, loud music and er... a lot of beer gardens.

Take a look through my lens.

Edmonton Folk Fest 2010
Little cousin
Oh, just some massive dancing horses on stilts. No Biggie.
The Hippie Sway

Little cousin, Samantha & her bestie, Alaina
Samantha's friends "Put this on your blog!"
Oh, no! Ill post more tomorrow!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Weekend, Im Out!

Images via Edmonton Folk Fest Website

Im off to get my gypsy on! See you on Monday!

It Was A Good Day







Exciting things are happening in my world.
These are some photos, Lori, from The 10 Cent Designer took of me yesterday at work. We have some really fun things planned - Im super excited! (make sure to check out her Flickr account - it's so inspiring)