Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Apple A Day





Blazer: Ralf Lauren, Vintage. Linen White Tee: Zara. Jeans: Domino, Nokomis. Woven Bag: Vintage, Victoria V.V. Wedges: Nine West, Thrifted. Sunnies: Purr Kens. Lipstick: Revlon Wine Not Matte.
Im really into large mens jewelry lately... I cleaned out an old suitcase of my boyfriends the other day and found this huge gangster chain in it. I wish it werent true that my boyfriend wore this thing in all seriousness, his defense was this; "Miranda, do you realize I went to school on the East Coast and everyone thought they were the reincarnation of TuPac." Oh, well his once gangster styling is now my gain! (although, Im so happy we met after this stage in his life, because let me tell you, I would of not been interested in anything but glaring at him and planning his demise). The chain is heavy, the perfect length and silver. I actually really like the way it looks with a simple outfit, gives me a bit of badass metal styling, I guess. Thanks honey. Im never giving it back... let's be honest though - on him it's shameful but on me, it's glorious!
P.S: Ryan said these shoes make me look like an Asian cleaning lady... so I have decided to consign them. I just can't get past the image when I look down. Also, I need to start reminding myself that just because something is "trendy" or "happening" does not mean I buy the first thing that looks somewhat similar to it... because I end up with semi ok stuff that I am not in LOVE with. Spend a little more money and get things you love... lesson learned!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


roughing it

thieved photo from Lori's Flickr account

Lori, the 10 Cent Designer's photo of the necklace I made her. Cute, Cute, double cute - would not of styled it any better myself. I love me some work socks!

But Really, Wine Not?


images: Google and Lulu Letty

My new favourite fall shade : Revlon - Wine Not

Perfect for those Friday nights when I consume too many glasses and get wine rimmed lips and purple teeth. Dont you just love how dark lipstick makes the ol' teeth look so much whiter? Problem solved! Also, matte lipstick? Yes Yes Yes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn Colours


DSC_0023 copy




Smoking Jacket: Vintage. Scarf: Vintage. Semi Sheer Tee: Joe. Jeans: Domino, Nokomis. Boots: Frye, Gravity Pope

It's kinda crazy leaving a city and coming home to discover a whole new season is in full swing. The leaves have completely changed over from the blazing greens to the bright yellows and reds. They flutter down to meet my feet... and it all happen in a week! I must not complain, because autumn lasts about 3 minutes in Alberta and it really is the prettiest time of the year.

I got this great vintage smoking jacket on a trip to Duncan last week sometime. It's made of this fabulous heavy quilted silk and in really great condition. Now, a vintage robe is something I covet in my home, with my hair wrapped up in a towel (Queen Sheba, my grandfather would call me), but a vintage smoking jacket is the perfect lazy fall jacket! I also scored this crazy leopard and floral print silk scarf from the same shop in Duncan. I picture some eccentric artist lady wandering the aisles of the market in this scarf's previous life. The trendy animal print is happening, and although I saw some pretty wild leopard bags in my travels, this scarf was a little more my speed.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

wisdom and walking away

DSC_0070 copy

I met this owl yesterday. I was walking from the river behind the house and his giant wing span went swooping down in front of my face. I'm proud to say I didn't scream, but I was definitely shocked. My jaw dropped and a "holy shit!" came out of my mouth. He landed in the tree above me and continued to stare down at me. Toti had told me the following day that one day an owl had dive bombed her and bopped her on the top of the head. She felt like it was trying to tell her something, or was maybe just mad at her for walking on it's turf.... who knows. Needless to say all I could think about was how I hoped this particular owl wouldn't start dive bombing my head as I was standing under his tree staring at him. I was just very happy I didn't have any feather earrings on that day!


Today I leave the island and fly back to my landlocked home in Calgary. Arrrrg. I guess I will have to stop dressing like an explorer on a daily basis and dust off those high heels for work on Friday. Booooo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Island


A few photo's I took today of a walk around Vancouver Island. Im staying just outside of Duncan and my grandmother's friend, Toti's, home. To say the area is inspiring is obviously an understatement- every where I look is another photo I HAVE to take. Im here until Thursday and it seems like it's almost not enough time to take it all in...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Van City




Photo on 2010-09-16 at 11.36

Photos I took yesterday when I got off the plane and into my west coast state of mind

Hey, Im in Vancouver visiting some friends this weekend! Off to the island Sunday to hang out with my mum and grandfather. I may be MIA from the blogsphere for a little while, but know I am having oodles of fun - perhaps laying on a beach somewhere or eating really cheap delicious sushi!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's so right meow.

Let this photo be a reminder that I need to pluck my eyebrows. Yikes. Sorry folks.

My obsession du jour... the cat eye. It should not surprise you that I am so on board for this make up trend (along with the wine stained lips) if you have ever seen any photos of me in my jr. high days. I would proudly sport my crazy wing tip eyeliner (sometimes it even would swirl on my temples into little filigree patterns) with brown/red lipstick & hair (frizzy, brushed out curls) parted down the middle. Of course, then I would wear too big men's suit trousers (termed: Old Man Pants) tightly cinched at the waist and plaid button ups that were easily 4 sizes too big with beer tees underneath. I think my mother was terrified of what I may turn into and put me in an all girls school with uniforms, assumably to stifle my fashion creativity on a Monday-Friday basis. Eventually, at school they forbid us to wear crazy eye make up and told us to stop rolling our kilts up so high. We were all obsessed with The Craft and felt a deep connection with chunky heeled black boots and hap-hazzardly buttoned up white shirts that the girls would sport. I would love to say we didnt try to make eachother levitate and we didnt play Oujia at house parties, but of course that would be a blatant lie.

You know you're old when you can reminisce about the things you wore as a kid and now they are all coming back into style and that just seems crazy to you... not that I'm complaining- I'm pretty sure I have a few pairs of "old man" pants stashed away at my mum's house!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Down By The Lake







Photographer: Laura Margaret
Stylist: Miranda Watson
Make Up Artist: Olga Onulov
Hair: Pure Form Salon
Models: Caitlin Thomas & Jenna Jackson from Mode Models

I finally got the photos from the photoshoot I styled for photographer, Laura Ramsey for the last issue of Parlour Magasine. Most of the jewelry is Millicent Designs and the clothing is well, from everywhere... ha (feel free to message me if you have questions, or go to the Parlour Website and you can see the issue online). We shot on location at Glenmore Reservoir on a boiling hot summer morning. Looking back on these photos makes me miss the days of flowing dresses and bare skin. What I would give to be floating on a cloud above a cool lake on a hot summer day... did I mention SNOW is in the near forecast for Calgary? Arrrrg.

Monday, September 13, 2010

5" and Up

I haven't showcased a blogger that inspires me for a while... I thought today I would tell you about one of the blogs I look forward to reading everyday... 5 inch and Up ! I suppose it shouldn't surprise me an expat from Finland living in London who loves towering heels speaks to me. Her minimalistic style mixed with a little bohemian spice gets my gears turning for fall. Not to mention Calgary is looking eerily similar to London in it's gloomy grey nature and never ending cold rainy days.... now if only there were a Camden Market that I could raid on the weekends too...

Friday, September 10, 2010

next summer

Jen Kao 2011 via Knight Cat
As if I needed any reason to long for summer days again... and then I see these friggen UNREAL crochet leg/foot things.... I am going to find a way to make these for next summer. I have, what 9 months + to practise my technique. The high ones are glorious!



Wearing: Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges. Jeans: Domino, Nokomis. Top: Tulula Crop Crew Neck, Trends Consignment. Leather Jacket: Some Random Store in Vancouver (it was on sale for $100!). Chain Scarf: Holt Renfrew. Necklace: Millicent. Bag: Zara.

I finally got to bust out my new Jeffrey Campbell's while out for wine with Tara last weekend. The verdict is they are a little.... er... flashy.. so perhaps will not be a daily wear. However, I must say being this tall is mind blowingly awesome! Who knew?! (other than people who arent 5'3 like myself, I guess) I definatly need more wedges in my life... you tall people are so lucky - even the air is sweeter from up here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I got this great skirt from VV the other day. It was cute, but too long and Business Nasty looking- so I hacked it! The following is my super duper easy DIY;


Value Village BCBG Leather Skirt - $14.99 (see what Im saying? Inflation!)

Turn inside out, yank the liner to the side. Grab something long and straight (I used a picture frame) and draw a straight line and cut away! Do the same for the liner.


Hem up the cut liner about 1 inch and iron to make it easier to sew. Sew! (check out my fancy new sewing machine that I got for xmas from my aunt and cousins! Thanks guys!!)

Now, toss it on with a over sized sweater and go play in the fake garden in your apartment building!


R and I went for Wings and Beers with some boys, so after I tried on my new skirt with some cute heels R said "Miranda, this is a Hill Billy Bar, not New York" I changed into my grunge get up and hit the road running!


However, between you and me I did wear my Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo's to keep it a little classy! Shhh!

And so concludes my extremely easy DIY. I should mention, this skirt had no hem on it when I bought it, the leather is extremely soft and smooth with not much suede backing so I was able to just cut it and not sew it up. Im not sure if this is possible with all leathers, but give it a whirl... worse case scenario is you have to buy a leather needle and sew that sucker up (or get a tailor to do it)

Ta Da! Now go play in plastic trees.

Wearing: Grey Cashmere Sweater: Holt Refrew, Vintage Vivy Haythornthwaite (Great Gran). Leather Skirt: DIY Value Village. Army Jacket: Army Surplus Store. Tights: The Bay. Shoes: Thrifted from Vespucci Calgary.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Charles Jourdan


Yesterday was my day off from work and I decided to treat myself to a "quick" trip to Value Village. I told myself I would only spend 1/2 hour there to ensure I would get other things done during the day.

Well, I guess I should know myself better than making these time lines as I ended up spending 2 HOURS in that damn store! Everywhere I turned there was more to root through, more treasures to potentially find. My extreme, bordering on obsessive, diligence was not completely in vain as I managed to waltz out of there with a giant bag of goodies. As an aside, is it just me or did VV get EXPONENTIALLY more expensive? $8 for a leather belt?! Are you kidding me, I used to spend 89 cents on a belt there...OK, I'm aging myself. Anyway, I came across these bizarre black and red suede heels that left me both intrigued and disgusted. The intrigued side of me won and I ended up taking the suckers home for 10 bucks.

These crazy shoes looked expensive so I decided to google them when I got home. As it turns out they are actually Charles Jourdan shoes from either the late 70's or 80's. Charles Jourdan, according to google were the "Louboutins of our mother's generation". His shoes were hot and racy and his advertising matched this image and helped sky rocket him into a coveted shoe brand of the time. I found this awesome advert from the 80's that was taken by photographer Guy Bourdin for the Jourdan campaign - I love it! Soon I will post some pictures of the shoes I found, but in the meantime you feast your eyes on this great ad!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jewelry Addiction


My Name Is Miranda and I have a problem.....

Poor R. has to deal with this monstrosity in our bathroom.... I actually hide his stuff in boxes under sink to make room for my million accessories. Sorry my dear!

I should state that the Panther Ring is from my friend, Alyson, who mailed it and the "J'adore" and two finger leaf (which I think is the Elizabeth & James for F21 collaboration) rings to me from Phoenix. I saw the sparkly ruby eyed Panther at an antique store in Glenmore (if you ever go to Phnx, please believe you will think you have DIED and gone to heaven in Glenmore) and I deliberated purchasing the crazy thing for over an hour and opted to save the money for other adventures. I was filled with regret and Alyson being the gal she is went back and bought it for me. Best day ever? When I received the package in the mail!

Stating where everything else is from would be too time consuming, so I will leave it at that and invite comments if you're really curious - although, I should also warn you I have a real issue with vintage shopping and most of my non Millicent pieces are one of a kind wonders.