Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Long Weekend!!


It's a long weekend! It's a long weekend! Did I mention, it's the long weekend?! Im so excited for this particular long weekend as it is the annual Seba Beach Regatta out at my cabin. There is a dance, sailboat races, beach volleyball (that we are always too far gone to participate in) and a lot of general debauchery.

Im really looking forward to tanning and painting my nails out on the pier! See you all Tuesday, enjoy your weekend!


Noot Seear
Hobo Magazine F/W 09 via Studded Hearts

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hair! Glorious Hair!

Whoa! 2 times in one day? What is going on here?! Well, I found this photo on my blog reading today and just love it. I noticed I am drawn to photos with a lot of hair lately.... Im not sure what this means... time for a hair cut maybe? Time for a change maybe? Time for more head banging maybe? But seriously, I had my hair trimmed the other day (first time in 2 years - other than the thinning and trimming Trina and I were doing in her bathroom) and now all I can think about is how much a need a change. Im thinking thick bangs and long long scraggly locks (which I already have, albeit, not that long YET) Am I crazy? Once you have bangs, it's hard to go back, but Im so bored of this mop.

Anyway. Right. The photo.... it's from On The Racks blog.

And this one of Ashley Olsen is from Studded Hearts and is just Q-UTE! .... I know neither of them have thick bangs, so maybe Im just projecting.

Don't Deny Me.

What innocently began as a quest for the perfect bag has sprung into a full wardrobe re-haul. As some of you may know, ASOS is a epic online store from England. I clearly maintain even the cheapy, trashy (read:Le Chateau) versions of shops around the UK far surpass the quality and style of similar stores found here in Canada. Anyway, a friend told me about this online wonder and I would be lying if I didnt tell you I spend about 4 hours a week on that stupid thing dreaming away. Best part? Shipping is $6 to Canada... FLAT RATE. Yip! Yip!

So, they were having a sale... and I decided since in about 4 weeks summer will be over and I will be cold and wishing for some dry heat, that I should at least look good while feeling miserable. Here you have my SALE (because, this girl loves a good bargain) wish list of some great transitional pieces. What started as a dream purse (!!), quickly was paired with the ultimate in fall/winter booties (will be mine), worn with all black (nothing looks better than saddle brown and black) tight jeans (check out the pin tuck detailing down the knees!) and a great, simple, yet interesting top (drop hem *swoon*) and a few great accessories (that I would make, obvs) and now I have a reason to be excited for the impending doom of winter. A girl's gotta dream.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The other day

A few outfit pictures from yesterday while I was "working".

shhh 004

shhh 014

shhh 019
I will call this my "model pose", which I think looks hilarious... what the hell am I doing?

shhh 016
I just had these shoes fixed at the cobbler. It had been 2 summer since I broke the strap, and putting them on this morning was like Christmas all over again. <3 size="2">Silk Tank: Forever 21, Linen Trousers: Thrift Phoenix, Scarf: Vintage Judith or Audrey (?) Necklaces: Millicent , T-Strap Flats: Fluevog, Gravity Pope

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Calgary Folk

shhh 016

Nothing marks summer quite like outdoor music festivals. Like clockwork discussions of Folk Fest start circling among our friends in about April and then start becoming a central part of most conversations and summer plans. Never do we book a vacation on that weekend, and people travel home from around Canada just to par take in that one quintessential summer experience. I have been going to Edmonton Folk Fest since I was old enough to walk and subsequently dance, and I dont think I have missed a summer since that first year. Much of my growing up happen on that hill; developing my music tastes, drinking tastes, dancing skills and, of course, my crafting in the Imagination Market tent - elbow deep in colourful crafting supplies.

This year marked my first Calgary Folk Fest experience, despite it not being the Folk Fest I know and love, I had such a great time. The music was amazing, many bands that are on constant rotation on my i pod were jamming in workshops together(Timber Timbre! Ohbijou). The Beer gardens overlooked stages so you could drink a beer and not miss out on all the action. After much toe tapping in the 30 above heat, a quick dip into the adjacent Bow River provided the perfect relief. I saw many a new band and quickly fell in love (Laura Marling!). Sure, I had my heart broken a few times when I would miss a show, but it was worth it for such a great weekend.

A few photographic memories to fill the self induced black holes in my brain;

shhh 002
Marlis and I were really thinking when we bought this boxed wine to sneak in the bladder of red. It's very hard being this sneaky/classy/economic, but I think we succeeded.

shhh 001

shhh 014
Danielle has her first Folking experience ever... she forgets to wear sunscreen.

shhh 010
We test out a theory of how I would look blonde. They really do just have more fun.

shhh 009
We pack lunches to be healthy, but then end up buying 2 giant bags of chips and finish them between 3 of us.

shhh 005
We hang out in Beer gardens in the evening, I almost fall into the Porta Potty while trying to put on pants when the sun goes down. Thankfully, the damage is only towards my ego and alcohol intolerance.

The best part being, the Edmonton Folk Fest isn't for another 2 weeks, which is ample time to recover from this one and get my hippie sway ready for another epic weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fall Colours



top: Sunja Link, Nokomis Jeans: Domino, Nokomis, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Vintage Earrings: Millicent Designs

It seems a bit early to be doing the whole burnt mustard, navy and brown leather combo often associated with Autumn leaves crunching on the ground. Believe me, the last thing I want EVER is to not have my leaves nice and green and alive, symbolizing summer. However, it was a cooler day in Calgary and denim was a bit of a necessity. Nothing helps me feel a little more put together than high waisted denim and a good top to tuck into them. The crazy Mexican belt is the just the cherry on top!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hearts in my eyes

I found the most perfect blog I wanted to share with you. Every morning I look forward to hoping on the old Google Reader and quickly scrolling down for her posts.

Behold the wonder!


This girl completely restores my faith that dressing like a crazy hippie (please note the BELL BOTTOMS!!) is acceptable even when one is in their mid Twenties (thank god, I was getting worried that as I get older, I must become boring. Whew!) Love Love Love her style!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Damn You Parisian Chicks

What is it about Parisian girls that makes them so awesome? Is there something in the water over there that causes them to grow up classy and effortlessly stylish... oh and friggen beautiful? I want whatever the French put as growth hormone in their beef....

I stole these images from Pandora's Blog, what a beaut... also, doesnt hurt the post was titled "Gold Dust Woman" - and you know how much I love Stevie!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Sorry


first 2 images, Marie Claire Aug 2010 via Studded Hearts , last image google search

"How's it in the horse killing capital of Canada? Seeing a lot of horse meat on the menus this time of summer?"

This was the phone call I had with my (picture a tall Irish farmer) grandfather yesterday. Never the type of man to let something slide, especially when it comes to the Calgary-Edmonton rivalry. All the news coverage on the Calgary Stampede and the 4 horses that died in the past few days have really lit a fire under his ass. I have lived in this city 2.5 years and I have always refused to go to any of the Stampede "activities" for this exact reason. I love being from the Prairies and the vastness and beauty associated with it, but I can not stay quiet about the mistreatment of animals for our entertainment due to the belief that it's our "culture" therefore anything goes.

For this reason I dedicate this post to the beauty that is the horse - not just an animal for racing, bucking, and pulling.

You're kidding me, right?

on a totally unrelated side note.....

"the coolest you'll look pooping your pants"



Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday Night Is Alright


Tank : Thrift, Wilfred Dress: Thrift, Espadrilles Wedges: Value Village, Purse: Zara, Necklace : Millicent, Bracelet: Piece From Audrey

We went to a friends place Saturday night for some drinks and general debauchery. Lately I have been feeling lazy in my sense of style. People in Alberta are very comfortable in their jeans and t-shirts (plaid button ups), easy style, I suppose. I find myself having to really think about how to make myself look presentable without looking over done, over styled in this city. I figure any day is a good excuse to start wearing wedges and a dress.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh Right

It's Stampede in Calgary, and as much as I hate this time of summer (douche bags in huge "Stetsons" and white leather belts screaming down the streets at all hours, girls in pink straw hats and very mini skirts falling over their huge heeled boots (I'd like to see you rope a calf in that outfit, lady) hay bales thrown into the middle of the street on 17th causing traffic jams for miles, huge line ups everywhere brimming with the apparently excusable activity of being obnoxious because, "relax man, it's Stampede!") despite all this snobby disgust for this time of year... I do really love this photo of Jessica Stam for W magasine. I just wish everyone could make cowgirl look classy and pretty rather than another excuse to be slutty.

Southern Comfort

google image

When I was freshly 18 (the legal drinking age here in Alberta) I went through the usual poor drinking choices. Started off with Tequila shots with lemons and salt licks, moved on to Sour Puss and 7 up (yikes) and of course horrible, watered down draft beer (Cowboys 75 cent Thursdays, anyone?) Around my early 20's I started experimenting with Southern Comfort. The SoCo and ginger was a staple in my weekly drinking habits. Being in my early 20's and feeling mighty proud of myself I was out for dinner with my mum and I ordered her a SoCo and Ginger at the bar and brought it back to her, grin on my face. She promptly informed me in a hushed whisper associated with WASPy ladies, that only "questionably promiscuous women" (read:whores) drink Southern Comfort - and so my Southern Comfort drinking ways were sent into a quick halt. (I moved onto, and still am on, the Vodka Soda Lime train. Albeit much less frequently than those glory days)

Anyway, not too long ago I came across this photo of the lovely and ever talented Miss Janis Joplin. I recognize daily that I was born in the wrong era, and feel a real connection and desire to be a 70's flower child - so this photo spoke to me about general awesomeness... and then! And then I notice she's drinking SoCo (straight, from the bottle may I add) So there you go, mum, only whores and Janis Joplin drink SoCo so that makes it infinitely cooler and badass. SoCo Ginger & Limes for the rest of my summer!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

exit mag

out takes I found on Because Im Addicted, which is another great daily read may I add.
Anyway, these are my favourite shots that Mark "The Cobrasnake" did. Who knew the guy could actually take real photo's of people... when sober (assumably) and not just partying and acting like general pretentious assholes. Huh.

Friday, July 9, 2010



Weekends in Calgary mean something really great...

The Calgary Farmers Market! Not only does it have some delicious Albertan (and not so Albertan) grown produce it also has Phil & Sebastian magical lattes! I like to drag R out to the market with the promise of sitting in a huge outdoor patio at the Wild Rose Brewery and drink fruity beers (his) and dark creamy stouts (mine) for an hour in the blazing sun. Oh, did I mention my absolute favourite part of the Farmers Market? Real french Macaroons! Nothing else needs to be said.