Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the Ball.

image via MCM blog

A while back I styled another photo shoot with Laura Margaret Ramsey for Parlour magasine. Laura has been playing around with some levitation photography so I am really excited to see the final product of all our hard work! Until the magasine is published, this great balloon photo will have to tide you all over.

Belle Krol Illustration

On other topics, I must admit my deep love for Fashion Illustration. I found this photo by illustrator, Belle Krol and fell in love. No doubt this is due the decidedly "native, wood pixie" feel of it. I love the mix of colours and scribbly lines. I hear fashion illustration is coming back into "vogue" these days, and I cannot wait! Tres Elegant, don't you think?

Pic Pic Pic

Here's the promised jewelry photo pictures.....



images via MCM blog

This begun as another great photo of a floppy hat and then quickly snowballed into everything Kate. I love Kate Moss in all her waify, drug inflicted splendor. The last photo is very 1960's charming with the thick side bangs and blackest of black eyeliner. What a beauty.

image via google search

Also, during my google search I found this photo for an editorial Miss Moss did in Vogue May 2009. Yes, that is Marc Jacobs and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (??) holding her up.... WTF. Is there any hot woman that Justin can't touch? Oh well, Vogue can do no wrong I guess.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday bloody Sunday

Just a photo I saw today on my blog roll. So pretty. So country. I love it. I also want that hat...

I intend on posting some photo's from my trip to Edmonton and Jewelry party I held at my friend, Fran's house last week.
I stayed at my grandparents house while I was in town and it's dangerous proximity to West Edmonton Mall basically ended in a fight between myself, my bank account and my boyfriend... whoops! I am going to post photo's of my new finds, and thank Forever 21 & Zara for being so deadly this time around... and I will follow that with another apology to R for spending all my money in an "immature" matter ie: not on my HUGE visa bill or Student Loans. Dating an accountant is so blase.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quiet After The Storm

top: Nokomis Clothing s/s 09
lazy gene pants : Zara s/s 09
jewelry : Millicent Designs
rings: turq square, Phoenix Arizona Navajo artisan (my gran bought me this ring when I 16, it's a damn miracle I haven't lost it yet) Bali silver & turquoise wide band purchased at a Tibetan bizarre in Edmonton. I highly recommend going, they happen every summer and are chalked full of great well priced silver jewelry (and vegetarian food that makes you wish you were a better cook. Also, try the Chai tea and realize how much we westerners have ruined it. Starbucks, you disappoint me!)

I've finally finished my weekend work out at Market Collective with my Millicent Jewelry.
Im exhausted, who knew talking and sitting took so much out of a person?! Good news is that Calgary seemed to like the jewelry and I came home a little bit richer. Im now dreaming about all the things I want to buy... Winter Kate kimono top or perhaps some new high quality Italian leather shoes from Gravity Pope? The possibilities are truly endless, as there is much I have been drooling over (New Collection from Club Monaco, anyone? SLAY ME!) Asos.com will probably own me....

Anyway, here I am at work with the small crappy camera they have stashed away and not feeling particularly fashionable (in an attempt to not be "fashionably late" to work) but I really hate a blog post without a photo, so there you have it.

Now, I am off to do some online shopping and dream of spending my 100's in silly places.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Last Thing

I Heart Sofia Coppola. Virgin Suicides lives on in my mind and heart daily. Im so excited for a new Sofia slice of heaven!

Spanish Moss

I don't know if I should be releasing this little secret into the universe, but I love SPANISH MOSS VINTAGE. The girl that owns it either has some very talented vintage pickers or the best damn luck because the pieces they have on their online store are unreal. They are the perfect mix of Stevie Nicks meets Daisey Duke.

Here's a peek into my current wish list;

I have discovered recently that tight bandage skirts are a god send. They match perfectly with all over sized tops that seem to dominate my wardrobe. Not to mention I have never been one to feel comfortable in a flouncy skirt, so this is just what the Dr. ordered!

Every girl should have sequin lightening bolt pants, if you ask me. Practical? No. Hot as hell? Yes! (screw you practical)

Love me a Kimono jacket. Silk and elegant while being a little crazy at the same time. Perfection. Also, I think it helps that is reminds me of...

MY DREAM TOP!(swooooon) I hope to make this mine one day soon. Thank you Nicole Ritchie for your awesomeness.

all images from spanishmossvintage.com except the last which is from Winter Kate s/s 10.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Particularly Good Saturday

To me, a hot day and a cold lake is pretty much perfect. Im a girl who adores water, and last month I discovered the Glenmore Reservoir hidden in the middle of the city. Finally the temperature has risen to a spectacular 26 degrees in Calgary and the idea of not planting myself on a beach makes me feel sad, so off we went to catch some sun and walk in extremely cold water.

R and I tried to take a "family photo" with the self timer, which ended up looking like this.....

Stella may look cute, but she doesn't take direction very well.

White Crop Top : Vintage Rework, Grey High waisted bandage skirt : Winners, Head Scarf: Vintage, Piece From Audrey, Birkenstock Sandals : Gravity Pope, Jewelry : Millicent Designs

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fail fail fail

So I knew this may happen. I knew I would finally get a real job when the temperature started rising and my heart started bloating from the heat. I pictured these summer days unfolding on the dock out at my cottage.... hours shared between nail painting, book reading and dips in the cool waters.

Dream shattered. Bank account drained. Here I am at my new job with a summer schedule of working Sundays and my summer cabin 4 hours away is getting farther and farther. Such a shame. I wish I had the foresight to work harder at working through the gloomy winter days and saved up all my pennies to live it up through the summer months.

I finally got a job working at a furniture store here in Calgary, called Montauk Sofa. All the sofas are made in Montreal from naturally fallen and sourced maple trees; the company is proudly and profoundly carbon negative. Every piece to the sofa is handmade by a group of French Canadians with a love that only comes from a job of true craftsmanship. Although my heart has always been in Fashion, I must say working for a company that is environmentally responsible while being beautiful and swelling with pride towards their craft is enough for me to ignore that there are no pretty dresses to surround myself in.

Regardless of all these life changes, one thing remains the same. My camera is still floating in the abyss of Camera Repairs. I believe my hardy Nikon is trapped in a shop in humid Vancouver- I wish I was there with it too.

Also, is it weird that I spent an hour searching google trying to find a salon in Edmonton or Calgary that will do this to my nails? So trashy and so fabulous, it's CalGel! The website claims that it's actually GOOD for your nails, makes them stronger and heals them while it's on. It's a fake nail, and I friggen like it!