Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newly new

I posted some more pictures of the new styles I've been working on for Millicent on the jewelry blog. Check it --> CLICKITY CLICK

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Instagram Shots, The Arizona Edition

I was in the desert a while back hanging out with my grandpa.  It was a fantastic vacation (I saw Arcade Fire & Black Keys!!), and a must needed time to soak up the rays while New York was under a raincloud (things have since changed, dramatically! It's freaking hot and humid now. AC is my new boyfriend - sorry environment)

Anyway, here's my Desert photo diary. Isn't this even more fun than me actually putting up outfit posts? heh? No?  I promise, one day I will gather my wits and start up again... baby steps ok?

Im shutting up, here's some photos (or, you could just follow me on Instagram)  -->


$30 Jeffery Campbell Charlie Clogs, Nordstrom Rack (!!!) 


New Jewels - pyrite, black diamond rondelles & opal crystals (Millicent)

Rings! (copper heart & opal encrusted gecko that I made)

G-pa & I at the pool

I heart Target Bathingsuits

G-pa enjoys the sunset

love letters at the gym

In & Out Burger (DELICIOUS)

Desert Blooms

Stacked Hematite & Cooper Rings (Millicent)

Busy Bee, New styles I churned out (Millicent)

Orange Ombre Nails, one should never have to decide on one colour - stolen polish from Alyson

Orange Tree Offerings

Alyson pumping the gas (backwards)

My pool pal

Arcade Fire! (uhhhh-mazing!)