Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now You're In New York

See, even the ELDERLY dress better than I do. 

I suppose this post is long overdue.... 3 weeks over due to be exact. This is the thing about moving to a new city, everything feels so overwhelmingly exciting and the idea of putting aside some time to blog seems like a chore.  I know when things slow down and I start to feel like this is my new home and not some whirl wind adventure of exploring and discovering the next big exciting pub/shop/restaurant/band, coming back to blogging about fashion and life will feel like coming home. Until then, Im sorry I have been far from interesting.

Here's what is interesting about moving to the "Fashion Capital of North America"... everything you once deemed "stylish" and "risky" is now resembling more along the lines of "dowdy" and "boring". Riding the subway always provides these moments of clarity... when 3/4 of the women on the train are in towering high heels (they walk ALL day in those things??) and fur jackets you start to feel a little like the girl next door in your flat boots (complete with blisters from all the trekking) and wool coat. As a girl that has always taken to fashion like a scientist does to Darwin, it's a bit disturbing to realize everything you once thought was stylish, only applies to ALBERTA, but is not so cutting edge here in New York. So, there you have my issue... everyday, getting dressed feels like a test of my creative self - how far can I push the envelope? Which heels can I walk 25 city blocks in with turning my feet into beef carpaccio?

Anyway, I guess I'm excited for my future fashion. As of right now I will continue to ask Ryan "is this too Brooklyn for me to wear in Manhattan?" and him to roll his eyes and go back to watching NINE HOURS of football. Eff.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Pride Of Norway





The last time I wore these socks was in Edmonton while visiting my friend Monika. She commented on how her father, Nordahl, would really dig my socks due to his extreme Norwegian pride. When we were kids Monika and I would have to paint giant Norwegian flags on bristol board for her dad's "Sons Of Norway" meetings and marches. Needless to say, every time I wear these socks I think of old Nordahl and his approval of my choices. Now, while these socks are fantastically fashionable, they are, more importantly, very functional. Despite my previous inclinations that New York weather would be far superior to the snowy, frigid, snot freezing cold of my homeland.... I was sorely mistaken. Yes, there's no snow here, yeah it's only -3 today... so what! It's windy. Very, very windy - at least in Greenpoint where I am living. They say it's due to the close proximity to the Hudson River (I'm a block off the river) but holy hell that cold air really cuts like a knife! Today's outfit was purely based on the foundation of being warm while I stomped my way to the grocery store. The red lipstick (new!) was just a little icing on the cake. I think the Polish ladies that swarm this neighbourhood liked it though!

P.S:  I bought homemade perogies at the grocery store today. Best. Day. Ever.



Sweater: F21, Jean Shirt: Joe Fresh,  Winter Leggings: AA, Shearling Wedges: Aldo, Necklace: Millicent, Lipstick: "Lady Danger" M.A.C

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bang A Lang

hat: Beacons Closet, Vintage find. cashmere sweater: Holt Renfrew, Thrifted from Trends. denim: Domino, Nokomis. belt: Thrift.

I havent forgotten about you dear Audrey readers. Finally, I am starting to feel settled in New York and have some time to get back to it- more on that subject later... must get back to the jewelry making for christmas orders!


What you think of the bangs? I figured I should hit the ground running... one major life change was apparently not enough for me.