Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another Life

Oh hi. 

It seems I've moved on to another life since moving to NYC. When I was in Alberta I felt starved for a creative outlet. Taking pictures of what I wore that day was a fun distraction from an otherwise boring day. It's been years since I wrote on this blog, but yet I feel like my contribution to fashion, albeit in accessories, has flourished & continued to fill my need to express myself creatively. Having said all that, I am not admitting defeat. I'm not completely throwing in the towel on blogging - but for now here's where I make my daily/weekly posts -- in the "blog" section if you're curious about what my days are now filled with. Please go have a gander!

Here's a few favourites from a beautiful photo shoot I contributed jewelry for (you can find most of it on my web shop) this winter.

Hope to see you soon,


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