Thursday, September 9, 2010


I got this great skirt from VV the other day. It was cute, but too long and Business Nasty looking- so I hacked it! The following is my super duper easy DIY;


Value Village BCBG Leather Skirt - $14.99 (see what Im saying? Inflation!)

Turn inside out, yank the liner to the side. Grab something long and straight (I used a picture frame) and draw a straight line and cut away! Do the same for the liner.


Hem up the cut liner about 1 inch and iron to make it easier to sew. Sew! (check out my fancy new sewing machine that I got for xmas from my aunt and cousins! Thanks guys!!)

Now, toss it on with a over sized sweater and go play in the fake garden in your apartment building!


R and I went for Wings and Beers with some boys, so after I tried on my new skirt with some cute heels R said "Miranda, this is a Hill Billy Bar, not New York" I changed into my grunge get up and hit the road running!


However, between you and me I did wear my Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo's to keep it a little classy! Shhh!

And so concludes my extremely easy DIY. I should mention, this skirt had no hem on it when I bought it, the leather is extremely soft and smooth with not much suede backing so I was able to just cut it and not sew it up. Im not sure if this is possible with all leathers, but give it a whirl... worse case scenario is you have to buy a leather needle and sew that sucker up (or get a tailor to do it)

Ta Da! Now go play in plastic trees.

Wearing: Grey Cashmere Sweater: Holt Refrew, Vintage Vivy Haythornthwaite (Great Gran). Leather Skirt: DIY Value Village. Army Jacket: Army Surplus Store. Tights: The Bay. Shoes: Thrifted from Vespucci Calgary.

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